Prescription Diet is chemically formulated as a treatment for your pet, only prescribed by Veterinarian. Depending on the nutritional needs of your pet, the veterinarian formulates a feeding/treatment plan using one of these medicated diets.

Metabolic Diet is specially formulated to help your pet lose weight. After running a nutritional diagnostic, your pet will be put on a feeding plan tailored to their specific needs. It is clinically proven to reduce weight depending on your pet's weight loss goals. You don't have to worry about your pet eating anything else.

Healthy Advantage is one of the best foods on the market. It's developed for all health stages of your pet's life span. It offers the most clinical backing to prove its efficacy in preventive care and nutrition, maintaining optimum weight, oral, skin and coat and digestive health. We recommend it to all of our healthy patients.


If your pet is over weight, under weight, has joint problems, or any other health issues, we can custom design a nutritional plan in conjunction with Hill's Science Diet, that will help maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle for your cat or dog.

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