Wellness & Vaccines

Routine exams are the MOST important part of your pet’s annual healthcare. Exams and vaccinations are designed to extend your pet’s healthy lifespan and to educate you on how to maintain your pet's health. Did you know puppies need 3-4 boosters depending on their breed to be fully protected from parvo/distemper? Not only that, but the vaccines commonly found at feed stores may have too many vaccines in one, preventing the immunity to parvo from properly developing. With parvo being such a huge problem in our county, we highly recommend bringing your new puppy in for it's first visit as soon as it's weaned from its mother. Prevention is the key in preventing sickness in your new companion, as well as high vet bills in the future.

House Calls

We offer a complete physical exams on your healthy pet in the comfort of your own home. We have the capability to acquire samples for tests as needed. We can give your pet(s) microchips and vaccines that are necessary, all without needing to travel. Euthanasia services are also available so you and your loved ones can be together during that time.

For services that are deemed to be more in depth, such as: radiographs, dental procedures, surgical procedures, hospitalization for illnesses, we will recommend those diagnostics and treatments take place at our pet hospital. No, your pet will not be home, but we will make sure to make your them as comfortable as possible for the needed time period.


General & Specialty Surgery

We are also equipped to take care of your pet's surgical needs. From spays and neuters to general surgery we follow all protocol outlined by the Board of Veterinary Medicine. You can be assured that our veterinarian with 30 years of experience has seen it all.  We care for your pet's specialty surgery as well, including: soft tissue repair, tumor removal, cesarian, fracture repair, and exploratory surgery. We also offer a full array of cosmetic surgeries from tail docking to ear cropping. 


Do you know that proper dental care can extend your pet’s life by YEARS? Broken and infected teeth can abscess and be very painful. Infection can also spread to the heart, lungs, kidneys and other organs and cause life threatening illness! We consider each pet’s needs and formulate an anesthesia plan just for them. All teeth are scaled and polished just like at your dentist’s office. We recommend pets get a dental exam once yearly and some pets may require full dental services once yearly. Please inquire about your pets oral health on your next visit and either Dr. Van Otten or one of our vet techs will be happy to inform you on your pets oral health needs.

Puppies & Kittens

If you would like advice on introducing a new puppy or kitten to your household, just schedule an appointment. We are happy to help you select a pet that will fit right in, as well as give you tips on healthcare and training. If you already have your new family member, congratulations! We know you are excited, and so are we! We like to examine your new pet as soon as possible to ensure you have a healthy pet and also to review what care they have received prior to you bringing them home. We will tailor the vaccination schedule and other needs to your individual pet.

Senior Pets

We want them to last forever, too. For senior pets, we recommend more frequent exams, proper weight and nutrition, and prevention of heartworms, parasites and fleas. We perform annual labwork to help us screen for serious health issues. Each patient’s vaccine schedule is tailored specifically for them. Proper weight management and dental care can help your pet live an average of two years longer!


Deciding to euthanize a pet is an agonizing process. All pet owners want their pet's last moments to be as comfortable as possible. We are here to help make that possible. We offer a comfortable environment to say good bye when the time comes, with sedative options available. We also offer cremation, and communal cremation options if you decide to leave them with us after the procedure. We tailor the ENTIRE experience to you and your pet's needs.

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